Celebrating 30 Years
Strata Giving Back

Strata has matured as a global entity, and we see our role evolving and the importance of Giving Back to our communities. As passionate outdoor sports enthusiasts, especially in the sport of cycling and youth coaching, our company management sees the incredible impact that riding and racing bicycles can have on kids. So, we are excited to announce our new sponsorship relationship with OutRide – formerly The Specialized Foundation – a wonderful organization that works with schools across the United States to create cycling programs for kids. They say “Riding for Focus, and it’s changing lives one pedal stroke at a time.”

OutRide “From our institutional and applied research, we know bicycles have a positive impact on cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being… And we believe in the power of cycling to bring people together and change the world.”

Strata will be supporting multiple programs within OutRide including research, school programs and individual athletes. In 2023, we will be sponsoring an amazing young man named Jack, who lost his leg to cancer as a young boy but never gave up riding. He is looking forward to his first full season as an athlete with OutRide, competing in NICA, cross-country mountain biking, and the sport of gravel bike racing.

See Jack’s Story (video)

Mike Berube, Strata CEO, & High School Cycling Coach “I’ve seen the power of kids cycling directly, and it is amazing how just having a bike to ride can be so impactful for their confidence and sense of wellbeing. There’s nothing like getting out in the woods and riding trails with their friends, or the excitement of riding their first race. It’s truly a life altering experience for kids of all ages.”

Mike will also be volunteering his time with OutRide as an ambassador.

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